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Working Artist
Winter Photography Award
Call for Submissions:
January 17, 2018

Summer 2017
Working Artist
Photography Award
Recipient: Thomas Condon
Thomas J. Condon

Fall 2017 Recipient:
To Be Announced

Photography Award
Submissions Deadline:
January 17, 2018!/workingartorg
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Photography Award Recipients

Thomas Condon
Kei Ito
Esteban Schimpf
Brandon Jacob Hudson
Karen Miranda
Kathleen Rogers
Jason DeMarte
Lisa Creagh
Erica Deeman
Stig Weston
Elise Kirk

Thomas Condon, (From Future Perception Series), Digital images of color tests, 2013

Thomas Condon, Secondary Spectrum, (from Future Perception), Archival pigment print and Ink on paper, 2023

Kei Ito, Sungazing, 108 Chromogenic color prints made by direct sunlight

Kei Ito, Sungazing (Series), 2015 - Ongoing, 108 Chromogenic color prints made by direct sunlight

Esteban Schimpf, Melt No.1 (Rome), Archival pigment print, 44 x 55 inches, 2015

Esteban Schimpf, Melt No.1 (Rome), 2015, Archival pigment print, 44 x 55 inches

Brandon Jacob Hudson, Johannesburg Botanical Garden, Photograph with ink smear on acrylic medium

Brandon Jacob Hudson, Johannesburg Botanical Garden
Photograph with ink smear on acrylic medium, dimensions variable

Karen Miranda, Observing Alba, 2016, Photography

Karen Miranda

Kathleen Rogers, Untitled, Photograph, 2016

Kathleen Rogers, Untitled from Memory Bone and Myth series, 2016, Archival Inkjet Print

Jason DeMarte, Candied Carnage, Archival Injet Print, 2016

Jason DeMarte, Candied Carnage, 43 x 33 in., Archival Injet Print, 2015

Lisa Creagh, A12, from Instant Garden Series, 2015

Lisa Creagh, A12, 2015, Lightjet Print on Kodak Endura paper

Erica Deeman, from series: Silhouette, 2015

Erica Deeman, from her series: Silhouette, 2015

This is our photography call for entries opportunity for photographers, and photo based artists working in both digital and traditional photography formats and mediums, styles including landscape, portraits, still life, fashion, documentary, street and fine art and methods concerning the finished photographic print or display. Our call for photographers submissions deadline happens each month. All contemporary art and artworks on this site are © the respective artists - All Rights Reserved.