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Who are we?

Kathleen Rogers
Kayla Mattes
Michaela Zimmer
Riin Kaljurand
Ronen Raz
Erika Lawlor Schmidt
Lisa Creagh
Sia Aryai
Erica Deeman
Karin Karlsson
Stig Weston
Amanda Wagstaff
Elise Kirk
Sara Frantz
Ben Mosher
Juliet Shen
Krista Svalbonas
Monika Malewska
Peter Acebal
Mariah Blue
Dave Greber
Andy Ralph
Christopher Michlig
Justin Kim
Jean Alexander Frater
Polly Yates
Eric Souther
Jeramy Turner
Debra Ramsay
Trina Carlson
Matthew Clark
Tom Climent
Allison Wade
Philip McGaughy
Jonathan Gann
Nazafarin Lotfi
Steve Juras
Xuan Chen
Lindsay Barras
Chiara Galimberti
Essi Zimm
Kate Braidwood/Wonderheads
Derek Larson
Michael Milano
Jessica Kung Dreyfus
Aleksandr Razin
Lana Jonuzi
Ryan Boatright
Susana Garcia Espinosa
Harry Tabak
Keith Holmes
Magalie Guérin
Gabriele Maurus
Adam Jahnke
Ivan Grebenshikov
Jen Grabarczyk
Maria Barbo
Kiron Hussain
Dorothy McGuinness
Megan Dorien
Nick Dong
John Chang
Jeremy Silas
Dana Oldfather
Madeline Adams
Kathryn Gohmert
Nejra Kadić!/workingartorg
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Who We Are

Working Artist Org. is a privately run charitable organization, interested exclusively in the support and promotion of great art and artists. We make a very modest profit in direct correlation to how much we ourselves are able to contribute to you. We can't thank you enough for your participation. Please feel free to contact us at

All contemporary art and artworks on this site are © the respective artists - All Rights Reserved.